Clerks, Vicars and Rectors from 1183

Clerks, Chaplains, Vicars and Rectors from 1183:

This page is based on the board on the South aisle pillar, showing Rectors and Vicars from 1213, with additional information from articles on this web site.

To mark the octocentenary, in 2013, The Penn Trust commissioned a window for Holy Trinity by the artist Sophie d’Souza. Installed in the south aisle, the stained glass celebrates the unbroken line of Christian service by the rectors and vicars during those 800 years.  Their names are recorded on the adjacent oak board.

The design symbolises the gift of the fire of the Holy Spirit, the source of the clergy’s devotion of their lives to our Parish, the three entwined flames representing the Trinity. Etchings within the design represent one of the original Consecration Crosses inscribed and painted on the walls of the nave; a medieval Penn floor tile in the south aisle and a pane showing grapes with vine leaves, biblical symbols but which also form a link with the vineyard that once stood where the lower churchyard is today.

Clerks(‘Clerk in Holy Orders’)

Hugh Clerk of Penn 1183 How Old is Our Church 1, Early Priests at Penn, A Brief History of Penn Church
Walter de la Penn 1200-1225 How Old is Our Church 1, Early Priests at Penn


Nicholas de Langley 1213
William de Londonis 1253
Adam de Botingdon 1229
Richard de Middleton 1302
Gilbert de Segrave 1304
Jocens de Kynebanton 1304
Richard de Wycombe 1314 Middle Ages 14

Chaplains to Penne Family

WaIter de Upton Waryn, Thomas Freelond 1302-1337 Chaplains at Penn
John Tagge 1339 Chaplains at Penn


Henry de Rokeby 1348 Some Medieval Rectors and Vicars
Henry de Erdyngton 1349
William de Clifton (murdered 1368) 1361 Murder in the Vicarage
Robert atte Green 1368
Robert de London 1389
John Dyzch 1414
Robert Duston 1416
Robert Lovecock 1420
John Selby 1425
John Freeman 1445
Robert Kinethorp 1461
John Arnold 1471
Richard Mason 1473
John Tayland 1474
Thomas Goodlake 1474
Robert Snell 1481
David Ranton 1481
Roger Austen 1484
William Bracey 1497
Laurence Dodson 1497
Thos. Dyer alias Bayley
+Richard Monkton (curate) 1519-1520
1500 Reformation – Background
John Holland M.A. 1527 Reformation – Background
William Egleston 1530 Reformation – Background
Thomas Kyng 1553 Reformation – Background
John Blower 1557 Reformation – Background
Robert Rudrope 1596 Reformation – Background
William Lincke A.M. 1607 Altar Arrangements 2
Martin Hill 1661
Thomas Freeman 1663
Richard Smith 1676
John Davis A.M. 1684
Aaron Wood 1692
John Bennet A.M. 1700 1700 The Church Bells, Altar Arrangements 3, Monuments 17, The Church Clock, The Church Clocks, The Royal Arms, The Little Gallery, Wall Paintings, John Bennet’s Tomb
Benjamin Robertshaw 1716 Benjamin Robertshaw 1, Benjamin Robertshaw 2, Benjamin Robertshaw 3, Benjamin Robertshaw 4, Roger Penn, ‘the last of all his Family’
John Page A.M. 1728
John Nevil Birch M.A. 1750
Thomas Prichard M.A. 1754 1754
Roger Mather D.D.  1757 Revd Doctor Roger Mather (1719-68)
John Dabbs M.A. 1768
John Middleton 1787 How Old is Our Church 1, How Old is Our Church 2, The Rev. John Middleton 1766-1808
Benjamin Anderson 1808 The Rev. Benjamin Anderson
Henry Calveley Cotton A.M. 1813
James Knollis B.D. 1823 Rev. James Knollis (1776-1860)
John Grainger M.A. 1860 Rev. John Grainger 1860-1898
Benjamin John Short Kerby L.Th. 1898 Penn Church between the Wars
Ernest Albert Smith M.A. 1922 Penn Church between the Wars
Kenneth William Mumford M.A. 1937 Penn Church between the Wars
Edward Philip Comber 1939
Oscar Muspratt Th.L. 1944 A Tribute to Rev. Oscar Muspratt, 1906-2000

Priests in Charge

Peter John Widdicombe 1990 Rev. Peter Widdicombe, Priest-in-Charge 1991-1993
Jeffrey Pierce 1993 Rev. Jeffrey Pierce, Priest-in-Charge 1993-1997
Carol Jean Picknell Williams 1997 Rev. Carol Williams, Priest-in-Charge 1997-2001


Michael Bisset 2003  Rev. Michael Bisset, Vicar, 2003 – 2020
Samuel Thorp 2023  Rev. Samuel Thorp, Vicar, 2023

Photographs, Michael G Hardy, Stained Glass of Buckinghamshire web site