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Penn’s Motor Racing Heritage

The graveyard at Holy Trinity Church, Penn, is unusual in that it contains the graves of no less than seven remarkable individuals who enjoyed motor racing in the 20th Century. Some were involved in the highest levels of the sport while others were very active enthusiasts at club level. None of them died participating in what is reputed to be a dangerous sport and most had long careers. In addition to being parishioners of Penn there are interesting links between them all.

  1. Francis Earl Howe 1884-1964
  2. Humphrey Cook 1893-1976
  3. Anthony Heal 1907-1995
  4. Len Gibbs 1904-1992
  5. Bluebelle Gibbs 1908-1972
  6. David Blakely 1929-1955
  7. Paddy Hopkirk 1933-2022

Interestingly Penn village continues to be a haven for racing motorists into the 21st century with Marino Franchitti among its residents.

© Oliver Heal, September 2022

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